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A Guide to The Eco-Friendly Range of Merchandise at BrandArt

Most of us are looking for new ways to be more sustainable right now, to reduce our carbon footprint, and this includes businesses and hospitality venues such as theme parks, sports stadiums, museums and art galleries. One easy way that facilities managers can lower their carbon footprint without having to make any compromises is by rethinking the branded merchandise sold in venue gift shops and online.

You don’t have to stop selling merchandise to be more sustainable but being more conscious about the products and materials you source could make a big difference.

You should also consider buying your merchandise from companies that care about the environment just as much as you do – like the team here at BrandArt. We’re proud to stock a range of eco-friendly products that are perfect for all visitor attractions including museums, theme parks, zoos and a whole host of other attractions.

The BrandArt Eco Range

Our range of eco-friendly products is ever-expanding as we discover new materials, processes, and products that help us – and you – help the planet, one piece of branded merchandise at a time.

Our Eco range currently consists of recycled plastic pencils, bamboo rulers, RPET slim water bottles, and many more. You can view our ECO range here.
We’re proud to say that the majority of items in this range are made using recycled plastics, or sustainable materials such as cork and bamboo.
By choosing to manufacture our products with more environmentally friendly materials, we’re helping to cut down on plastic production, which can be extremely damaging to our planet.

We believe that when purchasing merchandise to stock your attraction shop eco-friendly alternatives should be available where possible, this is why we’ve created a cost-effective and professional eco solution that combines the high-quality your visitors expect from all souvenirs with a lower environmental impact vital to your CSR strategies.

Recycled leather products

A lot of our eco-friendly products are made using recycled leather or offcut leather which is generated as a result of the manufacturing process of other products.

By using scrap leather, we’re reducing the demand for virgin leather, which is often made using a very resource-intensive and harmful production process.

In our recycled leather range you’ll find products such as an eco-leather keyfob, eco leather coasters, fantail bookmarks and fantail keyfobs.

With prices ranging from as little as £1.30 each, you don’t have to worry about your costs going up as a result of choosing eco-friendly options.
At BrandArt, we ensure that we create the highest possible quality products at the right price for you and your customers.

Recycled plastic products

Plastic waste is a serious concern for us at BrandArt and, considering that a lot of attraction merchandise is typically made out of plastic, our aim is to continuously develop eco-friendly recycled plastic and plastic alternative merchandise to help reduce dependency on virgin plastic-based products.

As a result, we now manufacture many of our products with recycled plastic. This easy swap means that we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to two kilograms compared to virgin plastic.

We’ve got mini frisbees, plastic pencils, lanyards, badges and pens that are all made out of a more sustainable alternative to virgin plastic. They retain high-quality standards and are available in a range of bright colours, making them an attractive addition to your in-store retail displays.

Bamboo and cork products

Finally, another sustainable option that we have also introduced to our range is a line of products that are made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo and cork.

Bamboo is a very sustainable crop as it grows quickly and doesn’t require any fertiliser to grow. Similarly, cork is not only natural, but can biodegrade completely and can be easily recycled by your customers.

Choose between our cork tape measure and pencil case which start from as little as £2.09 per piece if you want to include more cork products into your store.

We also have a wide range of bamboo products such as rulers, door hangers, and fans.

High-quality merchandise from BrandArt

If you run an attraction and need to find the perfect merchandise to fill your gift shops, BrandArt is the go-to provider for places such as the Natural History Museum and Butlins.

Choose BrandArt as your merchandise provider today.

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