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How to Get Customers to Keep Coming Back to Your Attraction Site Shop

Getting customers to visit your gift shop when they’re visiting your attraction site is extremely important as it gives you a chance to earn additional money and build brand loyalty.

However, it’s just as important to find ways that you can get your customers to come back to your shop every time they visit, rather than winning over only new visitors on their first trip to your venue.

Encouraging repeat visits can often be harder than getting that first-time visitor through the door, stocking high quality products helps to ensure repeat customers with each visit to the attraction.

If you follow some of the tips we’ll be covering in this article, you should find it much easier.

Here’s how to get customers to keep coming back to your attraction site shop:

1. Make your store a destination

Your shop should offer your customers a continuation of your attraction along with products that give a lasting memory of their day out, it shouldn’t be thought of as just a stand-alone store that ticks off a core business requirement.

Turning your shop into its own destination, rather than just a traditional shop, will make it much more exciting and serve to create buzz about your venue.

Keep it on theme with the rest of your attraction and deliver excitement and interest so that your customers always want to take a quick walk-through after a fun day out – and hopefully buy some of your products too.

You could do things like hosting treasure hunts, classes or interactive events.

A great example of making a store a destination in its own right can be found at the various Butlins locations throughout the UK . Within the parks there are multiple ‘themed’ gift stores each selling their own collection of souvenirs. From their Showtime Studios to the ToyBox, it’s not unusual to see queues out of the doors.

2. Stock a wide range of high-quality products

It’s important to stock a range of different items, and have a rotating collection of stock, so there’s something new for customers to buy every time that they choose to visit.

To make things even more exciting, you could offer special edition products based on the season or special events you may be hosting, which will make customers want to collect these items, giving them a compelling reason to return over and over again.

If you’re looking for high-quality souvenirs and branded merchandise that you can stock in your gift shop, browse our selection at BrandArt.

3. Offer an incentive

Sometimes customers may need that little push to come back to your gift shop, so offering an incentive could be the perfect way to ensure repeat sales.

Offering membership cards that provide customers with a discount or doing a reward program where customers can collect points to receive offers or discounts are both great examples of how incentives can encourage customers to return to your shop.

4. Stay in touch with your customers

Finally, our last tip is to keep in touch with your customers. When people shop at your store, ask them to provide an email address so that you can keep them informed of your venue’s news, upcoming events and special offers.

By building this relationship with your customers, they are more likely to want to support your business and continue buying from your shop.

Once you have their email address or personal contact details, you have the opportunity to let customers know when new products or special edition items are launching. This can serve to create an event out of a new product line, giving your visitors a reason to put a date in their diary to stop in again.

We at BrandArt strongly believe that by following these tips, your attraction store will generate repeat custom by creating an engaging shopping destination within your attraction.

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