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Sustainable Souvenirs As an Alternative Gift-Giving Idea

Sustainable souvenirs are better gift-giving options. When you’re buying eco-friendly souvenirs, you are supporting local businesses, choose materials that don’t harm the planet, consider the lasting value of your purchase and can find a way to give back to the local community you’re visiting.
After all, everyone wants to one-up themselves with the next gift-giving opportunity. Some travellers leave gift shopping until the very end—duty-free in the airport on the way home—and others plan for unanticipated stops to buy that perfect souvenir.

Why Shop for Sustainable Souvenirs?

There are so many reasons we should buy sustainable souvenirs instead of the cheap t-shirts and pieces of ceramic we often see. But first, let’s ask ourselves why it is that we purchase souvenirs in the first place. We want to say that we were there or that you were at an event. We want to be able to remember the trip and hold a little piece of that place in our hands.

But, so often, the souvenirs we purchase are terrible. Most of them are mass produced or plastic which has an awful impact on our environment. There’s also a high chance your friend will never wear the t-shirt or a baseball cap you’ve purchased for them.

How to Select Sustainable Souvenirs as Gifts?

So, how can you select sustainable souvenirs for your friends and family?

Think about what you would want. Sure, you want the t-shirt, but chances are you’re not going to wear it around town. You want a unique piece, something meaningful about the place you visited. Something you can look at every day and say, “I was there.” Something that says, “I love/respect you and our connection.”

Select souvenirs that you can use. This is a no-brainer: if you can’t use it, don’t buy it. This is where the ceramic or t-shirt falls flat, and these types of souvenirs usually end up in the trash.

Buy with a purpose in mind. If you’re going to buy a piece of jewellery, think of the person you’re buying it for. Will they wear it? Will they use it? Does it fit their style?

Buy for yourself. If you’re like me, you want something that says “I was there” but doesn’t say “I bought this in a tourist shop.” The challenge, then, is to select a souvenir that reflects the destination and that you can enjoy while you’re home.

How to Find Sustainable Souvenirs?

Buying sustainable souvenirs doesn’t mean you need to stop shopping and start reluctantly accepting everything you see in all the usual stores.

Next time you are out and about, you could try searching the gift shop of the attractions for an eco-friendly range of souvenirs.

How do you know if a souvenir is sustainable?

  • See if it is made from bamboo or other sustainable materials
  • Choose locally produced
  • Look for a biodegradable or a rainforest alliance sticker
  • Look for products made from recycled materials

Final Thoughts

Sustainable souvenirs are not only better for the environment but are also increasing in consumer popularity. What’s more, they provide more meaning to the place you visited. Think of the people you’re shopping for, what you want as a souvenir, and what you can use at home.

BrandArt provides high-quality branded merchandise for all visitor attraction sites across the UK and Europe. We are committed to providing quality products whilst minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment. If you’re passionate about offering sustainable souvenirs to your customers and lessening your environmental impact at the same time, BrandArt has you covered! Check out our increasingly popular range of products with Eco credentials now!

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