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5 Compelling Reasons Why Tourists Love Magnet Souvenirs

When people travel abroad or go on a staycation, they get to see and do things they can’t at home. Many tourists might also want to bring back memorabilia from their trip, and while they can carry almost anything, most people like taking home magnet souvenirs.

Magnet souvenirs are trendy and people love them because their compact size makes it convenient to bring around. Magnetic souvenirs are the perfect souvenirs for anyone on the go, which is why they also sell easily.

If you don’t see the value of stocking magnet souvenirs, here are some reasons why tourists love them:

They’re Affordable

People who have travelled to other countries know that magnet souvenirs can be very affordable. While they usually range between £1 and £5, tourists can get one for as low as £0.50. These souvenirs are also small and lightweight, so they don’t have to worry about their luggage being overweight. People can bring home lots of magnets for that price, which makes them a great buy.

Made with High Quality

Tourists want their magnet souvenirs to last for a long time, which is why we have different magnets made of PVC, bamboo, resin, stone and more. These materials are made to last so they won’t come off their refrigerator easily. BrandArt magnet souvenirs are of high quality and bespoke. Our magnets come in different shapes and sizes, which are guaranteed to stand out.

They Come In Unique Designs

Magnet souvenirs come in various designs and figures. While some of them are places tourists visit, others are of a country’s cultural elements. For instance, places with many landmarks and monuments usually have magnet souvenirs of those places and even of the landmark’s historical background. People can also find magnet souvenirs of activities unique to the country.
BrandArt also stocks shaped epoxy magnets that are die cut to any shape and size.

They Have Sentimental Value

Usually, the items tourists see in souvenir shops are unique items they won’t find in their everyday lives. Collecting unique souvenirs while travelling is an amazing way to commemorate their experiences and the love for the place they visited. Unlike other souvenirs that are bought and then stored away, magnets hold a more prominent position in the home, so every time they look at it, they remember their wonderful trip.

Widely Available

It’s easy to find souvenir shops in other countries. You won’t even have to look hard for them. Sometimes tourists will even come across them as soon as they step out of a hotel. The souvenirs are usually displayed at the front of the shops for all to see. Sometimes, souvenir shops even have magnets attached to the front of their store for easy advertising, which is why it is important for souvenirs to stand out.

Final Thoughts

Getting magnet souvenirs won’t only bring your customers joy, but they’ll also support the local economy. Compared to other souvenirs, magnets last much longer. Magnet souvenirs are one of the most popular souvenirs amongst tourists and mostly used for advertising and brand recognition of the popular tourist attraction. Also, people feel less hesitant about making a smaller purchase rather than a big one, which is why magnet souvenirs are perfect for any attraction site souvenir shop.

If you are looking for magnets to store in your attraction site souvenir shop, browse through BrandArt magnet displays.
BrandArt offers a wide range of selections in various designs and materials. We also have other souvenirs such as bags, umbrellas, toys, and other apparel, all at affordable prices. Simply go to our website and take your pick and within 2 weeks you can start selling branded magnets.

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