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5 Tips to Help You Create Unique Souvenirs for your Attraction Site

Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. It is also a highly diversified sector that can employ various skill sets. Of course, well-known landmarks are the most visited and rely on profit to make themselves known.

Since most of these landmarks are free to visit, Souvenirs are the best course of action. However, making souvenirs is easier said than done because they must be unique to give visitors a lasting impression. For this reason, one must consider certain things when making souvenirs for a tourist attraction, such as

1. Prioritise Design

One shouldn’t make souvenirs just for the sake of it. If a souvenir is poorly designed, there’s a good chance that people won’t buy it. After all, souvenirs must be able to keep a powerful level of appeal to keep a certain level of value. Therefore, one must ensure the design is above standard.

Let’s say you’re making a souvenir for a famous museum famous for its dinosaur exhibits. As such, the design must be dinosaur-themed. Aside from this, the design must also be clear and concise. The design must be not only decorative but also be able to convey its meaning. Souvenirs with creative designs are far more likely to succeed than those with no substance behind them because of their creative value.

2. Find the Right Colours

The best souvenirs have a good blending of colours. Bright colours are best because they grab attention. However, one must also ensure the colours are suited for the design. For example, bright colours need to align with the design’s overall mood and theme. Bright colours are brilliant, but they should still align with the overall theme.

The colours must also be consistent throughout their designs. One should always use a single colour scheme that’s easy to understand. This way, customers will have an easy time figuring out the type of souvenir they see. If they see lots of colours, odds are they won’t be able to figure out the kind of souvenir they’re looking at, and they won’t be as likely to buy said souvenirs.

3. Consider Alternative Materials and Printing Methods

Printing is a standard method for making souvenirs, but it’s not the only method. One can use other means of printing when making souvenirs, such as embossing and laminating. These methods can make great souvenirs because they can make the design stand out.
For those making souvenirs that need to stay flat and can’t be folded, embossing and laminating are important. However, it’s still possible to use these methods to make souvenirs that are folded up, but only if they’re made thinner than the average souvenir.

One can also use other materials to make souvenirs, for example, use wood or metal instead of the usual plastic. These alternative materials can make for great souvenirs because they’re not as common. As such, they can easily catch people’s attention.
For example, BrandArt’s sustainable RECO range uses materials such as recycled receipts, bamboo, wheat-straw, and recycled scrap leather. This ensures the sustainability and uniqueness of the products.

4. Sell Embroidery

Embroidered products are highly valued globally, they’re beautiful, yet making them takes tremendous effort. It’s also a personalised method, which makes it even more precious to customers.

5. Go beyond T-Shirts

T-shirts are great souvenirs, but you can go beyond T-shirts by making pillows and bags, which can be made through any type of fabric that can generate a profit. This can include eco friendly materials such as recycled scrap leather, jute, recycled bottles, or even cotton.

Alternatively, you can choose other practical options, such as mugs, notebooks, or apparel such as hats. This is great since there are many types of clothing you can choose from, and the possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

By having quality souvenirs, tourists will remember to return in the future because it reminds them of their visit. Ensure you find the right partner that provides branded merchandise service and helps you produce high-quality souvenirs.

If you’re looking for customised gift shop products, BrandArt has what you need! We offer a wide range of selections, including bags, toys, and apparel, all at affordable prices. Simply go to our website and take your pick!

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